My Art


When I thought of the name for my blog, I thought about the idea of reflections and the act of reflecting professionally. Every decision we make, every action we take is a reflection of who we are as educators, leaders, parents. At the same time, how we see ourselves–inside and out–has a profound affect on those decisions. (Ink and Pencil Crayon)


One of my happy places is by the water. When Rachel was little, before Max was born, we rented a cottage in Gravenhurst. I would go out early in the morning and canoe by myself. The water was like glass and as the canoe broke the stillness, the ripples we intoxicating, almost like an optical illusion. I think about that stillness often and it calms me. (Pencil Crayon)


This was another piece I did on the theme of reflection. This one was done with watercolour and unlike the first two, the lines are blurred and gives a sense of fogginess. (Watercolour)