As part of my new role with the Ministry of Education I will be supporting leader learning networks across the province. Three of the regions I am supporting are part of a shared network called, ML2N which is an acronym for Mathematics Leadership and Learning Network. The team I was supporting for this session as the ML2N Barrie Region Network which includes 11 district school boards in Ontario. The province is divided into 6 Regions which include all 72 district school boards in the province.

For this session, I did sketchnotes for each presentation and learning focus for the day but what kept me focused and anxious was the fact that the lead for the ML2N Barrie Region, Kathy Witherow, asked me to do Graphic Recording. So for over a year I have been doing sketchnotes but that is just drawing in a small little notebook and no one has to see it even though I share them, I still do it for myself first. The Graphic Recording is full scale, in front of a room full of people! I was worried. I went for training with Disa from ThinkLink and she told me that typically the interns who work with them learn for a year before going out on their own–I had two hours! Luckily, I had support from another member of the team, Tracey McPhail, and then a few others helped us colour it in afterwards. It was a huge accomplishment not only in terms of what we did but overcoming my fears as well!

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